Thursday, May 20, 2010

You named your band what?

One day, after I learn to play an instrument, I will form a band.  I will not name it "Blistered Nutsack."  Why?  Consider the likelihood of ever hearing any of the following phrases:

You know what really kicks a party up a notch?  Blistered Nutsack.

What's fun for the whole family?  Blistered Nutsack.

I want a Blistered Nutsack for Christmas!

At my house we have recently heard, "Can you come take a look at this (blistered nutsack)?"  It's not fun for the looker or the lookee.

** Edited  5/21/10 to add - My husband requested that I tell you his nutsack is looking good and feeling fine.  (That is what you wanted me to say, right hon?)


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