Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey Skank,

Did you know black people are people?  I shit you not.  Maybe in your sincere, clean living, heartland way you call good people "folks".  In that case make it black folks are folks.  Whatever. 

I know they don't have non-white people in your wealthy, middle of the country, fence around the neighborhood world but the shit you let people say is enough to back up a port a potty. 

And then you got mad at me for pointing out that the racist was a dumb ass.  I didn't call her a fuck-tard.  No unwillingly mentally challenged people were forced into a group with her.  She choose to talk a hot mess that would get her ass kicked on the playground and I gave her a grown up ladies' critique.  Oh the pain.  Bitch deserved a grade seven beat down.  And so do you for letting a shit sprinkler spray unchecked.