Monday, June 7, 2010

Chocolate Bacon Part Two

I already covered how such a thing would occur to me here.  Now on to the process because I know you are absolutely dying to make some yourself.  Actually you probably want to know how it tasted and how my unsuspecting husband responded but I've got photos to use so you're going to have to scroll a minute.

Hack bacon into bite size pieces and cook it.  When defining "bite size" remember bacon shrinks considerably when cooked.  I used kitchen shears to cut four slices at a time and then peeled them apart to cook.Photobucket

Cook it as flat as possible.  I used a bacon press.  Flatness will cook off the fat for a longer shelf life and make it easier to candy coat.

Drain and blot.  Greasy bacon has it's place but under chocolate isn't it.

 Melt some candy coating according to package directions

Roll the bacon in the melted chocolate one piece at a time.  Place it on waxed paper to dry. Note the care and attention to detail I used.  Master craftsman I am not but it's still chocolate and bacon. 

So, how'd it taste?  When I fed it to the hubby I didn't tell him what it was.  He couldn't identify the bacon on his own.  He thought it was some sort of exotic nut.  The crunch was obvious but it was not excessively pork-like.  Once you know what it is it tastes like chocolate and bacon.  Sorry I can't be more descriptive but that really does cover it.  Both good.  Both still good together.  Not great enough to make again.  It's a major calorie bomb and for that kind of diet damage it needs to be at least as good as Ben and Jerry's.  Do they have a bacon flavor yet?

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  1. Being that I'm pregnant, this could totally go either way for me. But I have a feeling my hubby would adore it with all of his being...